Calon Wlân


Calon Lân ein Calon Wlân

The Pure Heart of our Woollen  Heart


Calon Wlân is the symbol of Baa Stool.  What it means sums up our products, our brand and what we stand for.

This is how it was created.

It is difficult to translate the Welsh word ‘lân’ into English.  At it’s simplest, it means clean/pure.  The iconic Calon Lân is among the most popular Welsh traditional songs and is sung with passion and heart.

The word ‘Wlân’ is the Welsh for wool and on my way into work one morning the song popped into my head.  The play on words made me smile and immediately resonated.  It summed up the essence of Baa Stool – its Welsh heart, full of purity and love – smile inducingly perfect!

Have a listen to the lovely Cerys Mathews singing ‘Calon Lân’

I don’t ask for a luxurious life,

the world’s gold or its fine pearls:

I ask for a happy heart,

an honest heart, a pure heart. 

Nid wy’n gofyn bywyd moethus,

Aur y byd na’i berlau mân:

Gofyn wyf am galon hapus,

Calon onest, calon lân.  


A pure heart is full of goodness,

More lovely than the pretty lily:

Only a pure heart can sing –

Sing day and night.  


Calon lân yn llawn daioni,

Tecach yw na’r lili dlos:

Dim ond calon lân all ganu-  

Canu’r dydd a chanu’r nos. 

If I wished worldly wealth,

He has a swift seed;

The riches of a virtuous, pure heart,

Will be a perpetual profit. 

Pe dymunwn olud bydol,

Hedyn buan ganddo sydd;

Golud calon lân, rinweddol,

Yn dwyn bythol elw fydd.  

Late and early, my wish

Rise to heaven on the wing of song,

To God, for the sake of my Saviour,

Give me a pure heart 

Hwyr a bore fy nymuniad

Gwyd i’r nef ar edyn cân

Ar i Dduw, er mwyn fy Ngheidwad,

Roddi i mi galon lân. 


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