Daily Post: On the grapevine 2017


If you could visit one place, where would it be and why? 

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Michelle Bartleet- Greavey: Sosban and the Old Butchers restaurant in Menai Bridge.  You can’t get a table for love nor money since they won their Michelin star and I hear the food’s amazing!

Cagney and Lacey: Any beach anywhere.  We like to swim in the waves then roll in the sand.

Col Tam: If I could turn back time I would go back to eat at my father’s restaurant in Hong Kong. The food and atmosphere was incredible!

Billie Hughes: Iceland is definitely on my bucket list. I’d love to see the northern lights, go whale watching and swim in the blue lagoon!

Rebecca Evans-: A small part of my background involves working with animals, so I would love to visit the Galápagos Islands. With such a diverse range of animal and plant species it would be a paradise to explore!

Tell us something people may not know about your business? 

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Michelle Bartleet- Greavey: Baa Stool exists because a fortune teller told me I was going to be an upholsterer and during my training I came up with the idea for our sheepskin stools.

Cagney and Lace: When nobody’s looking we steal sheepskin and take it to our bed.  It’s lovely and warm.

Col Tam: BAA means something more to us, B stands for brave, A stands for accountable and A stands for awesome.

Billie Hughes: People love giving their Baa Stools names and sending us images of them, so we decided to start a Baa Stools at home gallery on our website where we share them all.

Rebeccca Evans: We export our products worldwide. From Switzerland, Germany and the USA all the way to Hong Kong!


How important is it for local businesses to support each other?  

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Michelle Bartleet- Greavey:  Extremely important.  We are very proud of the number of local suppliers that we work in partnership with.  We try wherever possible to source materials and services within a ten mile radius of The Barn.  Our local pub The White Horse in Hendrerwydd has Baa Stools in their bar a local holiday let is full of our furniture. We’re right next door to Bathing Beauty who make amazing natural skincare products and the awesome Chilly Cow ice cream is just down the road.

Col Tam: Aside from having lots of amazing products on our doorstep, local businesses also provide employment opportunities to local people, just like the lovely job I have. So yes, definitely important for local communities.

Billie Hughes: I think it’s very important. We have strong relationships with lots of other local businesses and they are helping to encourage local job growth. Without them, I personally think I would have struggled to get my sought-after job in sales and marketing locally and so quickly after finishing my degree.

Rebecca Evans: Before moving to North Wales from a big town I probably wold have said that it isn’t. But living in this area and meeting so many local business owners I have realised that it is hugely important. You can get a real feel good factor from helping or sending business in the direction of local business whom you know will really appreciate it.


Where would you take a foreign visitor on their first visit to north Wales?

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Michelle Bartleet- Greavey:  I’d head for Conway to enjoy the Castle and views of the estuary, fish and chips on the harbour and a Parisella ice cream.

Cagney and Lacey: We’d take a foreign doggy visitor on our favourite forest walk – there’s lots of pheasants to chase!

Col Tam:  Since we are surrounded by areas of outstanding natural beauty I would definitely go to Borth y Gest in Porthmadog, Llanddwyn Island on Newborough Beach in Anglesea and Llyn Geirionedd.

Billie Hughes: It would have to be Portmeirion to see the gorgeous village, walk along the beach and have some amazing food.

Rebecca Evans: Bala lake because it’s such a beautiful spot, and so much to do! The perfect place for a mix of adventure and relaxation.




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