Ty-Coch outside 3

Our Baarn – Tŷ -Coch


Baa Stool’s are made in Tŷ-Coch cruck Barn,  one of the oldest surviving timber framed building of its kind in Wales.

The Barn is in the village Llangynhafal in the beautiful Vale of Clwyd in North Wales and dates back to 1430 when it began life as a house.

The building was originally consisted of an inner room (one bay), a hall with passage (2 bays), and a cow house (2 bays) – E. William, Traditional Farm Buildings in North-East Wales (1982) p. 89


Hendre'r-ywydd Uchaf Farmhouse

Hendre’r-ywydd Uchaf Farmhouse in St Fagans Museum in Cardiff but until 1956 was originally from the same place as Tŷ -Coch It has been restored to how it and Ty-Coch would have looked in the 16th century. (museumwales.ac.uk/stfagans/buildings/hendrerywydd)

In the 18th century Tŷ-Coch changed from residential to agricultural purpose and in the next couple of hundred years the barn had many transformations. These include the gable ends being replaced with stone, the roof pitch being altered and the spaces between the timber frames being replaced with bricks.

In 2007 the Restoration of Tŷ-Coch was completed after the barn had become run down.

Ty-Coch 1

The exterior of Tŷ -Coch before it was restored.


Ty-Coch 2




Ty-Coch 3

The roof with the corrigated iron removed being prepared for the new welsh slate and the walls with the brinks removed from between the frames and being restored in traditional wattle and daub method

Ty-Coch 4


Ty-Coch outside 2

Tŷ -Coch as it looks today

Ty-Coch 5

The project to restore the building was led by Denbighshire County Council with funding coming from The Local Regeneration Fund from the Welsh Assembly and European Objective 1 fund. It cost a total of £700,000.

Before its restoration in 2002 CADW listed the barn as a grade two building as it was a ‘fine cruck-built threshing barn with origins as an early C15 house’ (Historic Wales Report)

stools in window

The site now consists of three light industrial units including North Wales Upholstery home of the Baa Stool.  It’s an amazing space to work in.  We are surrounded by history every day and this feeds into our work.  We feel very privileged.


View from the barn












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