Slate Grey Doorstop


Say hello to our all Slate Grey Stylish Doorstop- supplied with an inner to be filled with rice or something nice.

Product Description

Our gorgeous Flockstop Doorstops are available in four different styles:

Ivory- Both sides in stunning Ivory.

Slate Grey- Both sides in stylish Slate Grey.

Natural- Each one is unique with one side Ivory, one side Rare Breed- which can be a mixture of ivory, browns and/or greys.

Funky- One side is Slate Grey and one side is a surprise! The surprise side could be any of the following: Aubergine, Mink , Silver, Teal, Dragon Red, Cornflower Blue, Baby Pink, Lilac, Cerise, Sage, Buttermilk, Navy or Coal Black.

The average size of our doorstops are 20 cm x 25 cm but as sheepskin is a natural product each of our lovely British Sheepskin Doorstops are unique and may differ in size, texture and fur length.

Sheepskin retains a natural oil that resists dirt and grease, as well being resistant to cooking smells and household odours. For tips on how to care for sheepskin click on the following link to visit our ‘Caring for your sheepskin‘ blog.


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