ivory rug on chair

Trend on Tuesday: Sheepskin rugs


Our sheepskin rugs are versatile, gorgeously soft and simply BAAmazing!  From modern Scandinavian to colourful boho, we have a gorgeous colour that will suit every home!

Here’s our favourite ways to use sheepskin rugs #TeamBaa


grey rug on bed

   Sheepskin Rug in Slate Grey     ivory rug on bed

1. On beds: We love, love, love this idea…the only danger is you may find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning!



ivory rug on chair           ivory rug 4               ivory rug on chair 1


2. On chairs: Such a simple idea that brings comfort and texture to your furniture 


rug on bench            Sheepskin Rug in Chocolate                 rug on bench 2


3. On kitchen benches: Natural Chocolate sheepskin rugs look gorgeous draped over wooden benches and is the perfect cushion while looking oh so stylish!


rug on sofa 2          Sheepskin Rug in Aubergine        2



4. On sofas: Sheepskin rugs add luxury to any sofa, whether its to add colour with an Aubergine or texture with an Ivory

3       Sheepskin Rug in Teal       ivory rug on floor


5. On floors: Or why not simply put a sheepskin rug on the floor and give your feet a treat by dipping your toes into the gorgeous softness?! 



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