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1) Calon Wlan Heart Cushions

For somone you love

2) Sheepskin Rugs

For a big softie

Don't take our word for it.....

3) Baa Stool Footstools

For someone who needs to put their feet up

The Footstool Range

We have a range of 23 styles of footstool, with each available in 19 stunning sheepskin colourways

Why is a Baa Stool such a great present?

4) BAAtender Bottle Covers

For the wine lovers

Watch them in action!

Available Colourways

5) BAA Scarf

For the fashionista!

Rare Breed Gorgeousness.

6) Tuffet

To share with the dog…if they’ll let you!

7) Sheepy Clean

For the ‘Hincher’ in the family

What’s in the kit?

8) BAA Beauty Stools

For the Glamour Puss

9) Ewe-View Tablet Stand

For the Box Set Binger

Customer Image

Lyndsey – Ewe-View Tablet Stand

A godsend on a long journey with kids.  Our two little darlings were so happy to occupy themselves on their tablets with their new fluffy stands which they then used as pillows.  Made the 5 hour journey a breeze!

10) Wall Art

For the Gallery Wall Collector

Can’t Decide?

Why not treat them to a Gift Voucher and let them explore the flock themselves?

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