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Head Shepherd Michelle and her flock

The Baa Stool Story

“In 2011 I was made redundant from a job I thought I’d loved for 25 years. I was devastated but also strangely excited.
Could this be an opportunity to make some long overdue changes in my professional life and realise a long held dream of being self-employed?

Around this time a friend invited me to a fortune telling night. Now, I’m generally sceptical about these things, but as I was at a bit of a crossroads I thought I’d go along and see what the spirits had in store for me. The fortune teller told me she saw me surrounded by pin cushions, needles and chairs. Crikey!…am I going to be an upholstress?

Over the next few days the idea started to sink in….and feel right….really right. In fact, it felt amazing! I could get out of the rat race. I could be self-employed. I could be an upholstress! I took the plunge and two weeks later I started 18 months of training with the Association of Master Upholsterers.

The first time I picked up a tack hammer I knew…this is the job for me!!
One year in and I set up my own upholstery business; North Wales Upholstery. It was during a tea break from a particularly challenging chair that I was looking at the sheep in the fields surrounding my workshop and mused ‘they look like little footstools. Hmmmmmm…sheepskin covered footstools. Oh yes!’

I spent several months developing the idea and ensuring that every detail of the product is high quality. The frames and legs are made by skilled craftsmen. The sheepskin is always premium grade and only ever from UK flocks. I source the best upholstery materials and upholster each Baa Stool using a mix of modern and traditional methods. This is important because I want my customers to enjoy a product that is the very best it can possibly be.

I started selling Baa Stools at local artisan markets and county shows and they quickly developed a following. I noticed that the sheepskin cover upholstered on the footstools made people stop in their tracks, look closer…then, inevitably, smile. This quickly became the overall aim of every new design… to make people smile when they walk into a room.” 

Head Shepherd Michelle

Baa Stool Today

We're based in North Wales

We are based in Denbigh in North Wales where we design and hand make all of our sheepskin loveliness. We recently moved to a bigger building not far from the barn where Baa Stool was born so that we could have a little shop area!

You can visit us at the shop between Monday and Thursday 9am – 5pm and Friday 9am until 5pm excluding bank holidays.

We also hold shopping events…with one coming up very soon which we’ll explain more about later on!


We may look like a big company but we’re actually a small team of 6 people who all work together to make high quality sheepskin products that are guaranteed to give the WOW factor with a customer service to match!

Our BAA values

1. B – BRAVE

We are brave with
-our targets
-our product development
-our voices
-our confidence


We are accountable to;
-our team
-our customers
-our suppliers
-our community
-our brand


We are awesome;
-our service
-our work relationships
-our products
-our environment

We love being creative

We love being creative and know that a lot of you do as well, but what you may not know is that we run upholstery classes! That’s right, we have courses that you can join and be taught by Phil who upholsters all of our beautiful armchairs

Shop the flock across the UK

Our flock is available online on our website, in our Little Sheeper Shop or across the UK at one of our stockists shops!

Q&A with the Head Shepherd

Last month we asked you to send in questions you’d like to ask Michelle, and you sent us some flocking fabulous ones!

Q: “How do you come up with the next new product to add to your range….is it like a sheepskin Dragons Den where you pitch your ideas to the panel or do they come to you in a fluffy dream ! xx”

Shepherd Helen T

Q: “Please tell us how you set up Baa Stool following your psychic reading you were given” x

Shepherd Alison J

Q: “I would like to know how/where you source your beautiful sheepskins – especially the rare breeds?”

Shepherd Jude B

Q: “I’m thinking of starting up my own business, do you have any advice?”

Shepherd Samantha J

Find out Michelle’s answers along with lots more flocking fabulous Q&A’s on our Facebook page!


Meet the flock this June

After the success of last years warehouse sale, we’re bringing it back for this year! We’ll have a whole flock of sheepskin loveliness available for a lot ‘sheeper’!

May’s New Flock Members

We’ve been busy developing new products for the next few months – and we’re excited to finally announce May’s new members!

1. Sheepskin Metal Chair

Sheepskin Metal Chair

What can we say about this chair other than WOW?! The contrast of materials of the industrial steel metal frame and natural Ivory sheepskin pair beautifully to create a modern and luxurious piece of furniture that makes for the ultimate seat to put your feet up in!

2. Uber Pouffe

Uber Pouffe

Our Uber Sheepskin Pouffe really is uber – uber soft, uber huge and uber gorgeous! They are perfect to use to put your feet up in style, as an extra seat around a coffee table or even pop a perspex tray on top and use it as a coffee table.

3. Betty


A super charged version of our Baa Stools, we call her Big Betty! Betty makes a fabulous dressing room or hallway bench or combined with a tray, a unique coffee table.

Betty is available in all the leg options that we have on our Baa Stool footstools, from chunky wooden legs to sleek chrome hairpin legs.

4. Greige Coloured Sheepskin

Greige Sheepskin

…Haven’t you heard? Greige is all the rage!

It’s a beautiful blend of the best and most popular of the neutral colours, grey and beige – Greige! This colour is perfect as it brings all the warmth from being and the style and sophistication from grey, we really can’t get enough of it!

We’ve been busy making Greige Covers for all of our stools and Greige Accessories and photographing them all! There will be almost 50 members of the flock family to choose from and we can’t wait to show you them all!

Betty and the Greige sheepskin options will be available on our website very soon, but if you can’t wait just get in touch and we’ll be able to help you get your hands on these stunning products!

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