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Valentines Day

It’s nearly Valentine’s day so I’m going to indulge myself and take this opportunity to thank someone who has made this little business possible.

Mr Baa has the patience of a saint.
6 years ago I announced I was giving up a 25 year career in a really well paid job and spending the next 2 years retraining to be an upholsterer.
Now…this would be understandable if I had shown any interest in craft or interiors up to that point. I hadn’t. I had never used a sewing machine and really didn’t give a monkey’s about cushions or fabrics.
He immediately supported the decision…at least outwardly. I’m sure inwardly he was thinking WTF! Especially as the whole idea of re-training had been given to me by a fortune teller!
He supported me financially through the early years…I only started to pay myself last year – and has acted as bank of Baa Stool many times, bankrolling big orders and allowing me to risk our savings on my dream.
He has helped me to load and unload the van umpteen times, has packed boxes, manned the stand at Trade Shows, fetched materials, fixed equipment, brought me lunch when I’m too busy to get out, listened to me endlessly talk about sheepskin, helped me celebrate successes, cuddled me when things have gone wrong and helped me get back up and at ’em again. Above all he puts up with the fact that 90% of my waking hours are devoted to Baa Stool. He gets how driven I am and gently encourages me to find balance.

The thing is…he sees this business as mine… but I see Baa Stool is OURS. It absolutely would not be here without his support.

So thank you very much Mr Baa. Love ya xxx

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Tell someone you love that they warm your heart this Valentines Day with one of our real Sheepskin Heart Cushions. Using the most sumptuously soft Sheepskin, our heart scatter cushions make the perfect gift.

You can even pop a hot water bottle inside and have your own heated sheepskin cushion, what luxury!

Scatter Cushions

Double Love Heart Cushion

Our limited edition Valentines Day Sheepskin Cushion is the perfect gift to give to the one you love.

The Double Love Sheepskin Heart Cushion features real British sheepskin in fiery Dragon Red on both sides, making it sumptuously soft!

Calon Wlan in Dusky Pink

This dreamy Dusky Pink is a new colour we introduced to the flock, and it has been flocking out!

Like all of our Calon Wlan Cushions, the Dusky Pink is sumptuously soft and you can even pop a hot water bottle inside!

Calon Wlan in Cerise

Our bright and beautiful Cerise Heart Cushion is the perfect choice if you want to let someone know they brighten up your life

Short Wool Heart Cushions

New to the flock, these flocking fabulous Short Wool Heart Cushions are available in a choice of 4 soft colourways.

The soft Mink, natural White and Dusky Pink are the perfect complimentary colours to add to your home.