Working from Home?

WFH is so 2020.

Your current work space may be a haven of ‘Scandi Chic’ in the loft conversion or a pile of jam smeared foolscap files on the kitchen table.

We’re all having to make do at the moment – and that can bring out our creative side.

Let us stir your creative juices and help you make the most of your desk area with 5 ways to bring warmth and fun into your home office.

From a comfy foot rest to the most glamorous of notebooks…we’ve got you covered (in sheepskin of course).

1: Ewe-Rest

Raise your toes and your comfort level with a sheepskin EWE-Rest.

Why not reward your hard work with the softest place to rest your toes.

For extra luxury pop a hot water bottle inside and underneath the sheepskin and Ta-Dah… your very own heated footrest!

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2: Seat Pad or Rug

Treat your bum to a strokable sheepskin seat pad or rug to drape on your office chair.

Immediately transform your space with texture and colour and ban that sterile office feel.

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3: Wall Art

Elevate your Zoom backdrop with some sheepskin wall art.

Boring bookish backgrounds are just not going to get you noticed on the weekly team catch up.

Grab the boss’s attention with a giant initial, wow the marketing team with a hashtag or send a message to the office heartthrob with a fluffy heart.

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4: Ewe-View

Is your tablet stand snooze-worthy? Banish the boredom with a sheepskin EWE-View.

You’ll feel less guilty about screen time when it involves this natural, beautiful material.

Watch them in action!

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5: BAA Book Covers

Finally, we all know taking notes during meetings can be really important but also so very easy to forget.

We can help. You’ll be so desperate to show off your fluffylicious BAA notebook cover you’ll probably volunteer to do the minutes!

Our A5 Sheepskin Notebook cover is perfect for the person who loves everything fluffy! We use real British sheepskin….and yes, they’re a bit bonkers – but who can resist!

The Baa Book Cover


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