The Health Benefits of Pets

Mental Wellbeing

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the anxiety and depression that so many people are experiencing during this global pandemic. 2020 is an exceptional year, and for all the wrong reasons. My last blog was about the effects of the lockdown on our mental health and I emphasised how important it is to set aside some ‘me time’ to deal with the stress we’re all feeling.

This led me to wonder about therapy animals and pets. Have you ever wondered why pets are so therapeutic – especially the warm-blooded, furry kind? Last year, Metro Magazine published an article about research undertaken at Washington State University. They claimed that stroking a cat or a dog can greatly reduce our levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. They were able to monitor this and saw excellent results within just ten minutes. Now, while I don’t recommend that you grab any old cat or dog (I want your fingers to remain intact!), I do recognise that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you’re stroking soft fur – or wool!

Pets as Therapy

The UK charity ‘Pets as Therapy’ claims that therapy dogs have the ability to reduce stress instantly, and that “dogs and cats are better at reducing high blood pressure than drugs”. Apparently, this claim has been proven by scientists at the University of Buffalo… Just to clarify, I’m sure no buffaloes were involved, and they certainly weren’t petted… That could have a whole different effect!

I can certainly vouch for it. Cagney and Lacey the Baa Stool Labradoodles definitely help me with my stress levels. They make me smile every day and petting them is like a mini meditation.

Cuddle up with Baa Stool

When it comes to relaxing, and setting aside some ‘me time’, why not choose a time when the house is quiet and make yourself as comfortable as you can? Grab a good book, light a fire, make a hot drink and put your feet up on the sofa. Many of our customers find the warm, soft texture of our sheepskin products to be deeply comforting and soothing. You could even use one of our beautiful RUGS as a throw on your couch or on the back of an armchair, as we have done in the photo below, and snuggle up to it. You could cuddle one of our colourful CUSHIONS, which feels so soft and warm. Alternatively, you could nestle your toes into one of our luxurious FOOTSTOOLS. You can even put a hot-water bottle under the fleece to keep your feet extra warm.
While we can’t prove that hugging a sheepskin cushion has the same effect as stroking a cat or a dog, we can guarantee you’ll find it more relaxing than petting a buffalo…

Keep safe and well, and give yourself time to unwind in Baa Stool style. You’d be baaaaarmy not to!

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