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Rare Breed Sheepskin

Rare Breed sheepskin is a natural product which means each one is as unique as our own hair in length and colour – this colour can be a mixture of ivory, browns and/or greys. As each one is different, we let you pick the exact one for your flock member!


IMPORTANT: How to select your Rare Breed Sheepskin

We have a whole flock of rare breed products, so let’s take it step by step!

Step One

Select the product type that you want to see Rare Breed options for by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the appropriate tab under ‘Our Rare Breed Options’

Step Two

Look through all the stunning Rare Breed images and pick your favourite (this step may take a while!) Please note that each image represents one individual sheepskin (unless noted)

Step Three

Once you’ve picked your favourite email us HERE with the Rare Breed code which can be found below each image

We’ll then double check our stock to see if it’s available for you and email you to let you know!

Our Rare Breed Options