About our Sheepskin

Where are your sheepskins from?

The Sheepskin we use is the highest quality grade sourced from flocks across the UK and is a by-product of the food industry. Occasionally we introduce special members to our range from flocks in New Zealand or Australia – the current special colours are Dusky Pink, Greige, Eggshell, Tiger Orange, Piccalilli and sometimes Silver and Black.


Can I wash the sheepskin?
We don’t recommend washing our sheepskin for several reasons, one being that our removable covers fit our stools like a sleeve and washing them may cause them to shrink. Washing sheepskin can also cause irreversible damage.

View sheepskin care guide

Can I buy a replacement cover to fit a stool that isn’t from you?

Our Replacement Sheepskin Covers are tailored to fit our stools. They are not elasticated and are sewn to fit our stools like a sleeve. We wouldn’t recommend buying our Sheepskin Covers to fit a stool that isn’t from us as they’re not guaranteed to fit and are non-returnable.

How do I know which type of replacement cover will fit my Baa Stool?

We have replacement sheepskin covers for all our stools which can be found in our Accessories section.

If you can’t remember the name of your stool that you have (you’re not alone!) just get in touch HERE and we’ll be able to lidentify which replacement cover you need.

What does Rare Breed sheepskin mean?

Rare Breed is a natural coloured sheepskin and like the name suggests…they really are Rare! 

Rare Breed sheepskin is as different as our own hair colour, meaning each one is completely unique in length, texture, and can have different tones of Ivory, Grey and/or Brown.

The images we use for our product images are for example only. To see the options we have in stock click the link below;

View rare breed sheepskin options

Choosing your Baa Stool

What’s under the Sheepskin Covers?

Under the Sheepskin Covers of all our Baa Stools is a fully upholstered white cushioned seat, finished with little sheep ribbon.

Gwyn Baa Bar Stool – Under the Sheepskin Covers on our Gwyn Baa Bar Stools is a solid oak seat.

Can you sit on the Baa Stool Footstools?

Well of course!  Many of our Baa Stool footstools are the perfect height to double up as an occasional seat, and the fully upholstered cushioned seat makes them the perfect perch!

Our Stockists 

Are your products available in shops?

They certainly are! Find you nearest stockist by following the link below

View our stockist map

Can I view stools at your workshop or just at stockists?

We open our showroom to visitors by appointment only.  Please get in contact HERE to schedule a visit.

How do I become a stockist?

We’re delighted you’d like to stock the flock! Please email us HERE for more information on stocking our products.


Assembling Products

How do I assemble my Baa Stool?

We have a fully dedicated page to guide you on how to assemble your Baa Stool.  Click on the link below to view our full guide.

How to assemble your Baa Stool

Delivery & Returns

I’ve placed my order, when will I receive it?

Many thanks for your order and welcome to the flock! All of our products are made to order by the lovely Team Baa and for all UK orders we aim to deliver to you between 5 and 10 days after you have placed your order.
As soon as your flock is packed, we email you with the tracking information and the date it will be delivered to you.

If you need your product sooner please let us know HERE and we’ll do our best to help.


How do I return my purchase?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product for a full refund or exchange.

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How much is delivery?

Orders of stools are £7.99.  Larger pieces of furniture are £14.99 and smaller accessories are £4.99.  The delivery charge for our chairs is included in the cost.

For full information on our delivery costs you can visit our dedicated delivery page below.

More information

Do you deliver to my country?

We don’t just deliver to the UK, we deliver to a whole flock of countries!

Where we deliver to

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