Baa Stool at Home

We love it when our baa-mazing customers send us images of their Baa Stool sheepskin furniture and accessories so we get to admire the flock in their new lovely homes!

If you’d like to share your flock and see your Baa Stool in our gallery, email your image to or tag us in your social media post #baastool or @baastool

Bethan in Rare Breed by

Anwen in Rare Breed in a rather comfy spot!

Julie’s lovely Cornflower Blue collection

Sara in Slate Grey provides the perfect perch for Bella the Border Terrier

Ceri in Dusky Pink is Walter the cat’s best pal

Winnie loves her super-soft sheepskin rug

Sam’s paid of Gwyn Baa Bar Stools in Teal

A lovely pair of Christmas Stockings in Rare Breed

Jo’s filled her living room with Sheepskin accessories!

Claire’s Tuffet can’t help admiring itself in the mirror

Christmas Baables on Jo’s fab tree

Ella In Dusky Pink @ _itslucy_

Elaine’s Bethan in Ivory

Bethan in Baby Pink @cloud_nine_interiors

Put Your Feet up @dinky1711

Tuffet with Gold legs in Dusky Pink Sheepskin

Bethan in Slate Grey

Delyth in Cerise

Bethan in Baby Pink @cloud_nine_interiors

Lola with her Tuffet

Bethan in ivory

Tuffet Gold legs in Dusky Pink @thisstyle_rocks

Emily’s Angharad and Calon in Dusky Pink @Acorn_cottage_

Sioned In dusky pink @hardcastletowers

Aimee’s Sheepskin Letter in greige looks dreamy

Carys in Greige

Penny on her Rare Breed Anwen

Joan in Ivory

Carys in Cornflower Blue @rowans_rainbow

Maura’s Pouffe in Cerise

A trio of Rare Breed loveliness!

Tuffet Gold legs in Cornflower Blue

Franky on his Chocolate Delyth

Sioned in Teal @littlehouseinlondon

Laura painted the legs of her Seren in Ivory

Stanley on his Greige Bethan

Tuffet Gold legs in Dusky Pink @thisstyle_rocks

Kat’s Angharad in Baby Pink

Cheryl put her Tuffet with Gold legs and Aubergine sheepskin next to a yellow chair – and it POPS!

We use the bottom half of our Rare Breed sheepskin to make our Baa Stools and the top half to make our Calon Wlan Cushions- making the perfect combo!

Sioned In dusky pink @hardcastletowers

Our lovely customer added to her flock with a Sara Baa Stool in Silver

Black Sheepskin Hashtag @eli_at_home

Audrey’s lovely dog has the right idea, using the sheepskin loveliness to keep her paws toasty!

Tuffet Gold legs in Cornflower Blue @oxfordone

Angharad In Dusky Pink @hearts_at_claremont 10

Pipa on her Angharad in Rare Breed

Sioned in dusky pink @littlehouseinlondon

Gordon’s feeling festive with his Carys Baa Stool in Rare Breed!

Leanne Stool in Ivory @leannelimwalker and @leannelimwalkerhome

A Baby Stool in Rare Breed looking stunning in her new home!

Toby with his Tuffet

Our Baa Stools can add a splash of colour to any room!

Molly in her Rare Bear Chair

Wallace on his Anwen in Rare Breed

Spot the Leri Lambshade!

Judy in baby pink @littlebigbell

Ed on his Rare Breed Seat Cushion

Winnie added to her flock with a Nerys Baa Stool in Cerise

Ted on his Angharad in Chocolate

Julie loves her Angharad Baa Stool in Rare Breed!

Black Sheepskin Hashtag @eli_at_home

This little dog loves his new friend!

Our lovely customers Seren Stool in Cerise looks stunning with her floral bedding

We love Jenna’s spot for her Anwen Baa Stool in Rare Breed- so cosy!

Philipa’s gorgeous dogs have already claimed her stools!

Joan in Ivory @theinterioreditor

He’s ready for his dinner!

This Sioned beauty stool in Ivory was won in one of our competitions by Jessie at @ourlittleflintcottage

Harry with his Gwyn Baa Bar Stools In Rare Breed

Carys in Greige @emmas_hygge_home

A trio of sausages on a sheeskin dog bed

Carys in Ivory

Stunning Silver Baa Bars!

Anwen Baa Stool in Rare Breed!

Leanne’s lovely Ella in Ivory

Judy in Teal

Calon Wlan cushion in Dusky Pink @hearts_at_claremont

Our Baby Nia Baa Stool in Slate Grey looks oh so cute with our lovely customers armchair

Ayisha sent us this gorgeous picture of her Nina in Ivory

Joan in Ivory @designbyadele

A gorgeous flock of Baa Bar Stools in The White Horse Pub!

Alison’s putting her feet up in style on her Ceri Baa Stool in Ivory!

We love Elizabeth’s Rare Breed Baa Stool and matching Calon Wlan Cushion- the ultimate comfort corner!

We love this beauty space featuring our Seren Baa Beauty Stool in Rare Breed!

The perfect space for a Baa Stool!

A pair of gorgeous Gwyn Baa Bar Stools in Rare Breed!

Our customers gorgeous cat in pride of place on her Ivory Baa Stool

We love this Ivory and Chocolate Rare Breed Stool!

Add a splash of colour with our Baa Pouffe in Teal

Angharad in Silver @lisa.j.jordan

A gorgeous Myfanwy Baa Stool in Chocolate

We love this choc-tastic living room, with Sheepskin Rugs in Chocolate and Anwen Baa Stool in Chocolate!

We love this sleek colour combo!

Some stunning dressing table inspiration

Baa Stool room inspiration!

Putting her feet up in style!

The ultimate colour combination!

Our lovely customer has added a pop of pink to her dressing table with our Ceri Baa Stool in Baby Pink

Some pale sheepskin loveliness!

The perfect corner for some baa-mazing Rare Breed sheepskin!

Sam’s loving her Hand Muff in Navy

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