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Your step by step guide to assembling your member of the flock!

As all of our Baa Stools and Baa Beauty Stools come flat packed, we’ve put together a little step by step guide on how to assemble our four legged metal hairpin stools.

What’s included…

4 x Metal Legs

Each leg will have 8 holes, but you’ll only need screws in four of them (So don’t panic that the holes in the base don’t match the leg!)

Baa Stool Base

Your Baa Stool base will arrive with the sheepskin cover on, the base will have four holes in each corner.

Bag of screws

A plastic bag with 16 screws will be packed in with your Baa Stool

Assembling your member of the flock

Step 1

Align the holes in the leg to the four holes in the base- the corner of the leg sits in the corner of the base.

Step 2

Screw the leg in place with four screws from the bag.

Step 3

Repeat the above process with the remaining three legs.

Step 4

Put your feet up in style!