Countryfile Live

As a finalist in the Wales and NI Best Retail Business and Best Creative Business we were invited by the Rural Business Awards to take part in a panel discussion about Rural Innovation in The Rural Business Theatre at Countryfile Live.
We started the morning carefully cramming (if that’s a thing) a Polar Bear Sheepskin Chair into the boot of the car – thank heaven for estates! Then Mr Baa and I set off for Castle Howard which is North Yorkshire – a 4 hour trek from our little part of North Wales but made easier by Radio 4 Saturday Live who were interviewing Skin from Skunk Anansie thereby passing the ‘Rock and Roll’ test.


We arrived to muddy carpark carnage. Cars and vans had become sledges being herded by concerned officials running round waving arms which was actually pretty effective as arrivers continued to arrive and leavers eventually departed..albeit thoroughly spattered.

We carefully unloaded the Ivory Polar Bear Sheepskin Chair and a selection of our sheepskin footstools onto a trolley and turned back to the car to collect some stools when we heard a cry. Spinning round we saw a man holding onto the Bear Chair while the trolley mischievously trundled down a slope towards a very very muddy puddle. I don’t think Ian or I have ever moved as fast. Disaster averted we finally made it to the theatre tent in time to swiftly pop the chair onto the empty stage ready for the afternoon program of talks before ours at 4pm.

Jules Hudson

Jules was our interviewer and he’s just as charming and engaging as he is on Escape to the Country. It was so impressive how he managed the flow of the conversation and asked the most interesting and erudite questions…he certainly has a passion for country life and crafts. Turns out his wife Tania and I shared an upholstery tutor …It’s a small world!

Little Beau Sheep

My panel partner was Sarah from Little Beau Sheep who has developed the most fabulous range of eco friendly, handmade laundry and body care products including wool laundry dryer balls to felted wool soaps and laundry fragrances…click Here for more information about her innovative range!

Innovation in Rural Business

I wanted to take a moment to thank Jemma and Anna from the Rural Business Awards who had put together a fantastic weekend of talks and presentations, offering small businesses like Baa Stool an amazing platform to introduce our businesses to a new audience and meet and network with other small business owners based in rural locations. What a coup on their part – pulling together so many different strands and getting each presenter to the right place at the right time with their products and presentations is no mean feat and they deserve an enormous HIGH FIVE! (I’m not just saying this because we’re finalists in 2 categories this year…judging is completed so it wouldn’t help anyway!).

Introduction to The Rural Business Awards

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