The Dusky Pink we’re all dreaming about right now…

You might have noticed that Dusky Pink is everywhere in interiors right now, if you haven’t…where have you been?! This chic and feminine colour has been around for a while now and is becoming more and more popular! It’s the perfect soft shade to play with different colours without being really matchy- we recommend the Dusky Pink with Grey…it’s a match made in heaven.

Sheepskin Rug

So Dusky Pink is one of the new neutrals in town and has no plans on leaving any time soon. Using accessories is a great way to add this stylish colour to your home, while texture is key to prevent a neutral room from looking dull…so ta-da! A Sheepskin Rug in Dusky Pink!

Judy Baa Stool

Dusky Pink has a luxurious and glamorous side. It works so well with golds and copper as they bring out the colours warm tones. One of your favourite looks is our Judy Baa Stool in Dusky Pink Sheepskin, our Judy Baa Stool features old gold hairpin legs. If coppers more your thing then don’t worry, we’re got you covered! Our Dusky Pink sheepskin is also available on our Erin Baa Stool which features antique copper hairpin legs.

Angharad Baa Stool

Our Angharad Baa Stool is one of our most popular footstools, and with the Dusky Pink Sheepskin is seriously hard not to fall in love with!
We also do Heart and Square Cushions in Dusky Pink Sheepskin which have been flocking out! Whether it’s on a velvet teal sofa, soft grey chair or neutral bedding…they’re guaranteed to bring a sophisticated and glamorous feel to the room.

Nina Baa Stool

Need an extra seat in your living room? Then take a look at our Nina Baa Stool! This round baa stool features old gold metal hairpin legs and is the perfect height to use as an occasional seat or to put your feet up in style! Round stools are on most people’s want list at the minute, whether its a footstool or a bar stool!

How do I get my hands on the Dusky Pink Sheepskin?

This stunning colour will be on our website very soon, but if you can’t wait until then just get in touch with us to order a Dusky Pink product!

Dusky Pink Baa Stool Footstools & Occasional Seats

All of our styles of footstools are available in the luxurious Dusky Pink, from our chunky wooden Angharad Baa Stool…which is perfect if you’re a feet level person. If you love the round Baa Stool look why not go for the glamorous Nina Baa Stool? The perfect stool to put your feet up in style or use as an occasional seat.
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