Rare Breed Sheepskin

Rare Breed Sheepskin is definitely one of the favourites for our lovely customers…and it’s not hard to see why! Rare Breed Sheepskin really is rare and can be a mixture of ivory, browns and/or greys, while each individual fleece is completely unique- at Baa Stool we think this makes them extra special!
Because Rare Breeds do vary so much, we tell our lovely customers to check out what Rare Breeds we have in stock.
Everyone has a different favourite…
From lovely grey tones…
Cookies and cream
To spotty Jacobs, chocolatey and even a very rare ginger!
Because our Rare Breed sheepskin is so unique we keep documents of each Rare Breed Sheepskin that we have in stock so you can pick your favourite! To request to see the Rare Breed document, simply;
  • Email us on jointheflock@baastool.co.uk with the product you would like to see Rare Breed options for e.g. Anwen Baa Stool in Rare Breed
  • We’ll send you the document which has images of each individual Rare Breed skin that we have available for that product for you to pick your favourite/s along with instructions on how you can place your order
As all of the covers on our Baa Stools are removable we even sell Replacement Rare Breed Covers– so you change the look of your member of the flock!
Our baamazing customers at Baa Stool love their members of the flock so much that they send us gorgeous images!
If you have any questions on Rare Breed sheepskin please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!
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