Why is texture important?…

Learning about texture

There are several reasons why using texture is so important and so effective in interior design. It’s not just colour and spacial awareness that are crucial to planning a room; texture plays a significant role too.

But why is texture so important to us? And why does it arouse such deep-seated emotions? I suppose, from a very early age, we learn through our sense of touch. As babies and toddlers, we explore everything (whether we should or shouldn’t!) with our fingers and mouths. In this way, we’re exposed to the environment around us. Texture is an early kind of knowledge that comes long before speech. As the ‘Toddle About’ website says: “Touch enables children to get an understanding for what objects are and what they feel like by experiencing various shapes and textures. Children will get to know what things such as sticky, prickly, silky and fluffy actually feels like against their skin, even if they’re not able to verbally communicate what they’re experiencing…”

How to use texture

Even as adults, we love to touch things and this need runs deep. It’s part of who we are. And there are many ways to incorporate texture into your interior design to satisfy this acute need – from wicker baskets, contrasting fabrics and potted plants, to grainy wooden furniture, bouquets of fresh flowers, and soft, fleecy cushions.

Texture adds depth and seems to bring a room alive – both physically and emotionally. As City Crafts Ltd explain: “… by using different tones and textures in the same colour palette, you can create more of a lively feel to a room, even if it has a limited number of shades.” It’s as if the texture adds a layering effect to your design.

LuxDeco believe that “Texture is… a way to create accents. Interior designers will use texture to add what’s referred to as ‘visual weight’. In other words, how an object or section of the room is able to draw attention to itself.”

Including texture can:


Add a touch of opulence to a room. For example, a Baa Stool Sheepskin Rug will provide any floor space with a feeling of comfort, softness and a 3D effect, making it come alive.


Soften harsh, angular edges and corners. This can be achieved with drapes, cornicing or even accessories like our Lambshades and wall art. Have you seen our Sheepskin Letters? They’re simply beautiful!


Create a real feature in a room. You’d be amazed at the number of times our clients have told us that not only are our Baa Bar Stools gorgeously attractive and comfortable; they’re a real talking point with friends and family too.


Fulfil our profound need to use our sense of touch. At Baa Stool, the soft, warm texture of our sheepskin and wool products really is reassuring and soothing. Have a look at our Sheepskin Bed Runners, Cushions and Throws if you want to enhance your sense of well-being through touch.

When it comes to ‘adding weight’ to a room – or furnishings ‘drawing attention’ to themselves – we believe we can help! Baa Stool products are designed to be textured, soothing, warm and, above all, eye-catching. Why not have a look at our range to get some texture inspiration?

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